About The Program

Mountain State Software Solutions (MS³) offers a comprehensive training program designed to engage and develop incoming entry-level professionals. This proprietary program follows a three-month, three-phase approach that enables candidates to provide software engineering and professional services to our valued clients. This program is offered only to individuals who have completed the MS³ screening process.

How It Works

  • Phase one of the MS³ Base Camp focuses on various abstractions and concepts used in the software engineering world.
    Some of these concepts include Agile Software Development, GIT Source Code Management, Best Practices, and RESTful API Design.
  • Phase two concentrates on software product creations and fully understanding the key components of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
    Topics include proper software design, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and Application Testing.
  • Phase three focuses on product specialization.
    This phase consists of vendor-provided training, as well as content created by MS³. The principles from phases one and two are applied during the lifecycle of product specialization, which prepares Junior Software Engineers for client work and provides a solid foundation for future success.
"ArganoMS3's a really great training ground especially when I was a newbie. I can learn new stuff from everyone. ArganoMS3 really helped me hone my skills and I'm really thankful to them."
-Senior MuleSoft Developer via Glassdoor

A Hands-On Training Experience

Upon completion of phases one through three, trainees are promoted to client shadowing. This “hands-on” strategy consists of either working on MS³internal projects or partnering with actual MS³ clients under the supervision of a senior MS³ software engineer.

The Benefits

During the entire lifecycle of MS³ Base Camp, you are provided with several checkpoints to assess progress and build skills, including public speaking to other engineers and/or leadership. Additionally, you are trained on communication tactics with customers, working in a consulting environment with multiple teams, and how to navigate the sometimes dangerous waters of the real world.

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